Sewage Systems

Project : Construction of Sewerage & Drainage for Borough XII including (KEIP)
Client : Kolkata Environment Improvement Project (KEIP) ,

The Kolkata Environment Improvement Project (KEIP), a PMU of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, focuses on betterment of sewerage / drainage conveyance & disposal system in the added areas of KMC funded by Asian Development Bank.

The S & D area covers part of extended South Kolkata through various roads varying between 2 to 7 metres width in densely populated urban and semi-urban areas with intensity of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

There is also a network of underground utility services in the form of electric cables and water pipelines which need to be protected, diverted or replaced during the construction work.

Key Quantities:

  • The Project includes Construction of Sewerage Drainage works which includes Survey, Construction Management, schedule time control, quality control and laying of RCC  Pipelines
    • RCC pipeline NP3 & NP4  
    • RCC pipeline  NP4 laid by Micro Tunneling method  
    • RCC pipeline laid by  Jack Pushing Method 

Project : Under ground Sewage Disposal System & STP
Client : Alandur Muncipal Corporation

Underground sewage disposal system and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for Alandur Municipality in Tamil Nadu State,  comprising sewerage system, pumping station, installation of pumping equipment, pumping main etc. This is among the first public private participation (PPP) projects in India, benefiting 25,162 homes in an area of 19.5 sq. km.

Key Components:

  • Sewage for treatment Plant  
  • Pumping Station including the construction of Dry well & Wet well are completed including Electro – Mechanical supply, installation.
  • STP  on BOT basis
  • Sewerage Work
  •  Construction of Manholes including commissioning (sewer appurtenances) at depths of Up to 1 m to 7 m  
  • Operation and Maintenance period of STP for a period of 14 years on Turnkey basis.

Project : Sewage Pumping Station, Valasaravakkam
Client : Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board

Providing Collection System, Force Main & Construction of Sewage Pumping Stations for North Sector, South Sector – I, South Sector – II of Valasaravakkam Town Panchayat

Collection System :
  • Supply, laying and jointing of cement mortar stoneware Pipes with Hydraulic testing for Sewerage system  
  • Supply, laying and jointing of RCC NP3 Class Pipes manufactured with Sulphate Resistant Cement & lined inside with 12mm thk. High Aluminia Cement  
  • Construction of Manholes  
  • Pumping main : Supply & Laying of CI Pipes    
  •  Pumping Stations (Terminal) Size of Suction Well – 6.0 m dia & depth 9.0 m
  •   Pump sets (Terminal)-40 HP submersible pump sets

Project : Collection System in  Pallavaram  Muncipality
Client : Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board

Providing Collection System in Pallavaram Muncipality , Package – II

  • Supply, laying and jointing of stoneware Pipes (200mm – 375mm) with Hydraulic testing for Sewerage system  
  • Supply, laying and jointing of RCC NP3    
  • Providing House service connections  
  • Construction of Manholes at 1m to 6.5 m depth.

Project : Construction of Sewers for Bhubaneswar Sewerage District - VI, Phase-I
Client : Orissa Water Supply & Sewerage Board(OWSSB), Cuttack

Scope of Work:
  • RCC NP3 & NP4 PipelineConstruction of Man hole chambers  
  • Precast man hole chambers
  • Sewer Collection Chambers .

Project : Additional Construction of Sewer for Bhubaneswar Sewerage District VI, Phase-II
Client : Orissa Water Supply & Sewerage Board (OWSSB), Cuttack

Scope of Work:

Aimed at creating an integrated sanitation improvement in Bhubaneswar, the project involves constructing sewers for the district and is indeed, one of the single largest sewerage projects in India.

The project strives to improve the water quality of surrounding rivers while improving sanitary conditions in Bhubaneswar in an area of about 57 sq km. This project for Sewerage District-VI is envisioned taking into account the rising population of the area, which is expected to rise from 2.9 lac in 2011 to 7.42 lac in 2041 showing more than two-fold increase in a span of 30 years.