Our Milestones

  • IVRCL’s ‘can do’ spirit is a saga of remarkable achievement in a span of three decades.

  • We have built 25000 kilometers of pipelines across the country, 2300 kilometers of canals and built India’s largest desalination plant in Chennai, which supplies drinking water to the citizens of this parched city. To over 5 million people every day!

  • We at IVRCL believe every company must be liable to the society and we see it coming from our water related works and the lives we touch. Our sewerage treatment plants venture in catharsis of waste and provide hygiene to the society. Sewerage work at Alandur municipality ran for 120 Kms and covered around 25, 162 houses, alongside construction of 4564 manholes.

  • The length of the smile of people of Dholpur and Bharatpur districts in Rajasthan is 85 kms long. Yes, that’s right. Our 85 kms long water pipeline quenches the thirst of 1026 villages. That’s not all. IVRCL brings hope to the desert of Rajasthan through a water carrier system for NLC.

  • Punasa Lift irrigation scheme for Narmada Valley Development Authority provides drinking water to 119 villages, and the biggest drip irrigation scheme in India at Dehani irrigates 6968 hectares, thus benefiting 3331 farmers.

  • We have undertaken 3402 lane kms. of roads, 2 kms of tunneling, 75 kms of Railway track works and 20 kms of Bridges (including a single largest bridge of 2.62 kms).

  • Total Building area undertaken is to the tune of 51.6 million sft. It encompasses 1.8 million cum of concrete and 30600 MT of structural steel.

  • We have electrified 11000 villages with 7 lakh BPL connections and laid Power Transmission Line (132/220/400/765 KVA) of 1460 Kms.

  • Thus we have added many feathers in our well-ornate cap.