Overseas Forays

IVRCL is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life in the country. It believes in making a holistic contribution to all sectors including water, roads, industrial structures, residential complexes, power projects, etc. For IVRCL, quality is the overpowering virtue around which the whole system functions.

IVRCL has left no stone unturned to compete at the global level in EPC segment, for it has spent massive amounts for foraying into international markets, and embracing new verticals that may stand strong in the future of the infrastructure industry. While we seem firm on making a transition into a full-fledged global company across countries, we have the strategy of utilizing our existing clients by providing them with newer variety of services.

A standing testimony to our globetrotting spree comes in the form of expansion of our business to Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Middle East and Africa. IVRCL continues to seek international opportunities and is trying to take maiden steps in emerging overseas markets to mitigate risks and ensure that the contribution in turnover of the company from overseas business is maintained in coming years and eventually reaps profitable growth in the long term.

In Sri Lanka, , IVRCL is proud to be a part of their new progress initiatives. The company is constructing 4100 units for relocation of under-served settlements in Colombo. Initiated by the Government of Sri Lanka, through their Urban Development Authority (UDA), this colossal project is presently underway.



Bura Irrigation and Settlement Scheme Rehabilitation Project: The objective of the project is to augment water from Tana river through gravity process by covering 5500 hectare of irrigable land thereby saving diesel for the existing pumping process


Lindi Drinking Water Supply Project: The project supplies drinking water to Lindi and nearby villages. The project was inaugurated by Hon’ble President of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete on Aug 07, 2015.


Lake Victoria Water Supply and Sanitation Program, Phase-II: The project is envisaged to supply drinking water to Nyagatare, Nyanza and Kayonza Towns.

Middle East

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

South Border Residential Complex Project for Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia

The EPC project includes construction of apartment buildings, villas, administrative buildings, kinders, schools, masjid, recreation buildings, fire-fighting buildings, clinic buildings, shopping centres, playgrounds etc. in the three locations viz. Dharan Al Janoube, Al Qahmah and Aseer Region of KSA.

  • Al Qahmah (S1) – 157 Buildings
  • Aseer Command Center (S2) – 93 Buildings
  • Dhahran Al Janoub (S3) – 263 Buildings

The total built-up area (BUA) for these 513 buildings runs to approximately 53,90,738 sft in total with 16,22,132 sft for Al Qahmah; 10,14,563 sft for Aseer Regions; and 27,54,043 sft for Dharal Al Janooube respectively.

All the compounds would have Ancillary Building Units including Mosques, Primary & Secondary Schools, Administration, Clinics, Warehouses, Sports and recreational center, Shopping center, Guard Houses etc.

Overseas Tie-ups

MOU with Royal Smals , Netherlands

In a bid to leverage global partnerships, IVRCL has signed an MoU with Royals Smals, a Dutch company, to partner in numerous water projects and lake rejuvenation in India and other countries. The mutually beneficial MoU marks global partnership between the two companies for exchange of information, knowledge and expertise in water management and lake rejuvenation.

The MoU was signed between IVRCL CMD, Mr. E. Sudhir Reddy and Royal Smal CEO, Mr. Frans Linden during the visit of Netherlands Prime Minister, Mr. Mark Rutte to India on June 6. Other special guests present at the MoU signing ceremony included Mr. Lilianne Ploumen, Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, and the Netherlands Ambassador to India, Mr. A. Stoelinga.