Irrigation Projects

Project : Dehani Lift Irrigation Scheme, Maharashtra
Client : Bambla Project division

To bring about a qualitative difference in the lives of farmers of Yavatmal District of Maharashtra, IVRCL took up this project to cater to the irrigation needs of 17 villages. The project includes two pump houses with 57 zonal sumps. Irrigation will be provided for 4,121.41 hectares in Stage - I followed by 2,846.77 hectares in Stage I providing end-to-end Drip Irrigation solution.

  • Water Users’ Societies have been formed to train farmers to use this system optimally. The project is technologically sophisticated to irrigate Vidarbha, a large semi-arid region. The project envisages irrigation of 6,968 ha in Dehani, Babhulgaon and Yavatnal districts. First of its kind in India, the project envisions drip irrigation of a large area while making use of the latest communication technology.
  • The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) interconnects all components of the system via satellite uplink, making it possible for the control command centre of the irrigation scheme to control all the components remotely..
Key Quantities:
  • Design, Supply,  laying & jointing, testing & Commissioning  of  MS  pipeline;  PVC  pipeline:  RCC  pipeline
  • Earthwork Excavation – (Soft Strata and Hard Strata )
  • Embankment  
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of VT Pumps
  • Electrical Works (Substations, Transmission Line, Erection of Transformers , SF-6 Breakers , VCB & others)
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Electrically Operated Over Head Crane
  • Pressure Relief Valves, Butterfly Valves (Electrically Operated; Butterfly Valves (Manually Operated; Non Return Valves  
  • Air Vessels

Project : Punasa Lift Irrigation Scheme
Client : Narmada Valley Development Authority

This project, on the Narmada river, envisages delivery of critical water for irrigation to over 35,000 hectares. The Punasa Lift Irrigation Scheme is located near village Punasa in Khandwa District. This project, on the Narmada river, comprises of the 3 stage lifting and storage of water in 3 balancing reservoirs having aggregate storage capacity of more than 14 MCM. Apart from providing the drinking water facilities to the 119 villages, this project envisages to provide irrigation facilities to an extent of  35008 hectares by pipeline network in the distributory system. Different type of pipeline (MS, GRP & HDPE) under the distribution system.

Key Quantities:
  • Design, Supply,  laying & jointing , testing & Commissioning of Commissioning  of
    • MS pipeline  
    • GRP  pipeline  
    • HDPE pipeline
  • Earthwork Excavation 
  • Embankment  
  • Rock Toe / Filter,  Dry Stone Pitching  
  • Design, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning Pumping Machinery for Stage- I, Stage- II and Stage- III  
  • Design , Engineering , Supply Erection, testing and commissioning of Mechanical , Electrical, instrumentation & SCADA with 33/6.6 KV Switchyard
  • Transmission Line   
  • Balancing Reservoir  
  • IVRCL was awarded an incentive of Rs. 11.68 Crores for the early completion of the milestone programme

Project : Sripada Sagar Project, Andhra Pradesh
Client : Irrigation & CAD, Govt, of A.P

Investigation, Soil exploration, Design, Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of pumping machinery, transformers substations, rising mains including construction of pump house all civil structures, CM & CD works, channels without lining and delivery cisterm etc. for Sripada Sagar Project - Stage II, Phase I, Near Yellampalli (V) Ramagundam (M) in Karimnagar District

The irrigation scheme irrigates 2 lakh acres of ayacut in the upland area of Karimnagar district in Andhra Pradesh. Built on the Godavari River, supply, installation and commissioning of a six stage pumping system, pumping machinery, transformers, sub-stations, laying of pipelines and construction of canal distribution network including construction of pump house all civil structures to supply 12 TMC of water to the Karimnagar district.

Key Components:
  • Design, Engineering, Investigation, Survey, Design Drawings and Estimates for all works i.e. Pump House, Gravity Main Canals, Improvement of existing tank structures, Pipeline hydro mechanical works, Pump house electro mechanical works, Pipeline and allied works
  • Fabrication, laying with commissioning of hydro testing for pressure of MS Pipeline  including 25MM Thk gunniting on outer surface over 3MM GI Mesh, sand blasting 3 coats of epoxy of 400 Microns over 2 coats of primer of 100 Microns of inner surface  
  • CM & CD works, surge protection devices & outfall structures, Canals  
  • Elector & Hydro Mechanical works at Intakes:  (Intake pump house with 4 nos of 10.484 MW) ; (Medaram Pump House with 4 nos of 15.784 MW) (Gangadhara Pump House with 4 nos of 6.871 MW)
  • Operation & Maintenance of the  entire project for 2 Years

Project : Lower Goi Irrigation Project
Client : Narmada Development Authority

Execution of Lower Goi Project including Dam, Canal and its distribution network upto 40 Hac. Chak for Irrigation culturable command area of about 13760 Ha. On Turnkey Basis and maintenance of complete commissioning for one year

The Lower Goi Project is located in the tribal areas of District Barwani of Madhya Pradesh State. The project scope includes construction of a gravity dam with earthen bunds on both side and concrete NOF & OF sections, The central portion will be sufficient to allow a smooth discharge of 12026 cusecs of flood water. This dam is designed with 9 noses of hydraulically operated gates of 12 m x 12 m. The project also envisages the development of irrigation potential of 32,767 acres of ayacut through its right canal.

Key Salient Features of the Project:
  • Survey (FRL, MWL, Canal) planning, design , estimation, land acquisition with properly survey , forest case and its clearance shifting of HT & LT electric Lines
  • Construction of Earthen Dam including non-overflow portion instrumentation Drilling and Grouting radial gates with all hosting arrangements.
  • Providing  irrigation facilities to an area of 15686 Ha (with CCA of 13760 Ha) in Barwani district, a drought area in Madhya Pradesh
  • Tunnel of 3.0m Diameter,  
  • Provision of 0.425 MCM of water per annum providing drinking water to Rajpur Town. Provision of 5.575 MCM of water per annum has been kept in reserve for Industrial purposes.
  • Lined Canal  (Bed Width – 3.00 m, F.S.D – 2.60 m, Free Board – 0.75m, side slopes – 1:5:1 , Bed gradient – 2.125 , Discharge – 10.60 Cumes)
  • 33KV LT/HT line connection, lighting up top of dam and gallery, dewatering arrangement of gallery, tar road at top of dam, Canal system, distribution network upto 40 HA.

Project : Indira Sagar Project
Client : Narmada Valley Development

The Indirasagar Project (Canals) starts from the Indirasagar Dam located in the District Khandwa and runs for a length of about 246 Kms. and irrigates a distributory network of 1.23 Lakh Ha. 

This Package is the toughest amongst all other Packages under Indirasagar & nearby Omkareswar Packages, under NVDA. The alignment of this portion of the canal runs in the hilly terrain & valleys. Generally the alignment of the gravity canals follows a specific contour all along the foot of the hill. But in this particular case, the canal runs on the top of the hills, which is a special feature..

Key Salient Features of the Project:
  • The scope of work involves the survey, investigation, design and execution of main canal including development of new disnet of 20700 Ha and operate and maintain the entire system for a period of one year.
  • In the canal there are 5 nos of ‘D” shaped tunnels of 6.0 M dia  
  • Construction of Aqueducts along with 27 piers of a maximum height of 50.5 M and external dia of 2.7 M. The Water flow discharge through this aqueduct is 48.580 litres/sec.
  • CM & CD Works in the main Canal  
  • Excavation in all Soils (Hard Rock &  Soft Rock)
  • Embankment  
  • Cement Concrete (RCC)

Project : Purandar Lift Irrigation Scheme
Client : Maharastra Krishna Valley Development Corporation

Purandar Lift Irrigation works on Turnkey Basis comprising of designing, planning, constructing Pump Houses at 6 different stages, MS Rising mains, Pumping Machinery, Storage weir and closed canal system and distribution system, civil, mechanical and electrical works, cable work for electric pump houses, switchyard etc. for Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation.

Total EPC Project Including Design
  • Survey and mapping of 50200 Hectares (GCA)
  • Construction of pump Houses at six stages.  
  • Total pumps required 20 Nos. max single pump capacity is 2882 HP.  
  • MS rising main 2200mm/2000mm 
  • Irrigation through PSC,RCC,PVC, pipe network  
  • Modernisation of Nazare canal system
  • Construction of  Sub station of 132/33kv, and with Transformers
  • 33 KV Transmission line
  • Providing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for  operation and Maintenance of the scheme
  • Railway crossing by Pushing and Jacking technology with 2800mm Dia. x 20mm thick MS casing pipe. This is the largest size of pipe which has been pushed under rail tracks in India so far.

Project : HNSS Lift Irrigation Project,
Client : Irrigation & CAD, Govt, of A.P

Investigation, Design, estimation, and construction of pumping stations including manufacture, supply of pumps at site of work including accessories etc., complete inclusive of all civil works such as pump house including sump, pumping mains, etc, of HNSS Main canal of Perur branch canal under Phase-I and pressure main at site of work including erection, commissioning and testing of 8 Nos. at each pumping station of Hydro-Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical and other accessories etc., complete equipment required and maintenance of 12 pumps and the system for 15 years  
The project draws 40 TMC of flood water from the Krishna river, employing 117 pumps with a cumulative capacity of450MW, to irrigate 6.025 lakh acres

This dream project of Rayalaseema envisages providing irrigation to the extent of 6 Lakhs Acres as well as drinking water for 33 lakhs people in the drought prone areas in four districts (Kurnoor, Ananthpur, Chittoor & Kadapa) of Andhra Pradesh, by lifting 114.20 Cumecs of water.

Key Salient Features of the Project;-
  • This project is divided into 2 stages, namely Stage-I & Stage-II
  • Stage-I comprises of 53 cumulative no’s of pumps at 11 pumping stations with total head of 348 meters and total discharge of 38 Cumecs of water in 11 stages with cumulative discharge of 356.44 Cumecs.
  • Stage-II comprises of 64 cumulative no’s of pumps at 8 pumping stations with total head of 272 meters and total discharge of 76.2 Cumecs of water in 8 stages with cumulative discharge of 609.6 Cumecs.

Project : Gandikota Tunnel Project
Client : Irrigation & CAD, Govt, of A.P

Investigation, Design, Excavation and lining of Gandikota Tunnel for Feeding to Gandikota Reservoir from Km.52.184 of G.N.S.S. Flood flow canal (From Owk Reservoir to Gandikota Reservoir) – including construction of Adit in Kadapa District.

Key Salient Features of the Project:
  • Main Tunnels  =  18 x 18 Diameter(127.22 Sqm)  
  • Twin Tunnels  Heading – Size 12.55 x 9m Stage-I  
  • Twin Tunnels  Benching  – Size 12.55 x 3.5m Stage-II
Major Quantities Executed:
  • Open & Underground Excavation of Tunnels (Including Pertinent Works ) 
  • Steel Fibre Reinforced Shortcrete Work
  • Lining  of Tunnels 

Project : Thotapally Reservoir

Client :
Irrigation & CAD , Govt, of A.P

The Lift Scheme from Thotapally Reservoir to Gouravelly Reservoir is proposed in FFC Phase - II of Flood Flow Canal from SRSP, Investigation design and Execution of Lift Scheme from Thotapally Reservoir to Gouravelly Reservoir including Tunnel and other allied works near Regonda (V) Husnabad (M) Karimnagar Dist, to Lift 32.00 cumecs of water from the foreshore of Thotapally Reservoir and convey it and fill in to the Gouravelly Reservoir to irrigate an ayacut of 1,20,000 Acres.  After lifting the water from Thotapally Reservoir and fill in to Gouravelly Reservoir will serve for an extent of 1,20,000 acres out of which 69,000 acres will be benefited for Karimnagar District through Gouravelly and Gandipally Right side canals and 51,000 acres will be benefited for Warangal District through Gouravelly Right side canal. 10 No’s of Mandals are to be benefited after Lifting the water Scope of Description:- The scheme envisages utilising 11.31 TMC water in a period of 120 Pumping days from the foreshore of Thotapally Reservoir to Gouravelly Reservoir through tunnel by lift. The design discharge has been worked out to 32.00 Cumecs for which the lift system is designed..

  • Approach Channel
  • Tunnel 5.00 M dia D-shaped  
  • Surge Pool
  • Rock Ledge and Draft Tubes
  • Pump House 
  • Delivery Main
  • Motors 

Project : Koilsagar Lift Irrigation Scheme (Stage – I & age- II)
Client :
 Irrigation & CAD, Govt, of A.P

In Koilsagar Irrigation Project constructed to irrigate an ayacut of 12000 Acres, in Mahaboobnagar district, ayacut has not fully developed. It is now proposed to lift water from fore shore of Jurala Project in two stages to a total lift of 120m with 4 Nos. of Pumps of 10,000 HP each and to fill up the Koilsagar Project to stabilize the ayacut of 12000 Acres including a gap ayacut of 7500 Acres and to irrigate an additional 38250 Acres bringing the total to 50,250 Acres under the project.

As such a lift irrigation scheme is now proposed to lift 3.9 TMC of water from fore shore of Priyadarshini Jarula Project in two stages to bolster its performance by filling up the Koilsagar Project thereby stablizing the ayacut of 12000 Acres (including a gap ayacut of 7500 Acres) and to irrigate an additional ayacut of 28250 Acres totally 50250 Acres upto date under this project.
The scheme in its entirely envisages lifting of water from the fore shore of Jalura Project to a total height of 120 M – 58 M in first stage and 62 M in second stage and installing 4 nos of 7.5 MW heavy duty pumps and motors. In the process of completing the scheme works the magnitude of work involved in as details below:

Brief Scope : Design, Engineering, Investigation, Survey, and  Construction of Pumps and Pumping Station for Stage – I for Lifting of 630 Cusecs of Water form Balancing Tank. Delivery Cistern and Pumping Mains for Stage – I Pumping Station , Laying of HT Feeder lines and construction of 132 KV / 11 KV Substation at Pump House. Earthwork Excavation, forming embankment, Construction of CM & CD works. Approach Channel  from Reservoir to Stage- I Pumping Station, Gravity canal from Stage- I Cistern to Balancing Tank, Link Canal from Pressure Main to Distributory of right Canal,  Distributory  network system along with field Channel for irrigating additional ayacut of 38,250 acres.

Major Quantities Executed:
  • Earth Work Excavation & Formation; Cement Concrete
  • Tunnels of 4.0 M dia  
  •  Surge Pool  
  • Pump house  
  • CM & CD Works in the main Canal  
  • Distributory Ayacut – 50250 Acres

Project : Telugu Ganga Project
Client :  Irrigation & CAD, Govt, of A.P

Telugu Ganga Project on the whole to draw 29 TMC of water from fore shore of Srisailam reservoir from a village in Kurnool dist to irrigate 5.75 lakh acres in Kurnool, Cuddapa and Nellore dist apart from supplying drinking water to Chennai city.

The S.P.B.V.R left canal takes off from S.P.BV.R. Left head sluice and transverses to a length of 49.08 Km before falling into Porumamilla Tank. Further the canal transverses a length of 58.625 Km beyond Porumamilla Tank to create an irrigation potential of 64,611 acres in Badvel, B'Mattam, B'Kodur. Porumamilla, Gopavaram, & Atloor Mandate. The Gundamrajupally branch canal & Obulam branch canal are also part of S.P.V.B.R. Left canal beyond Porumamilla Tank.

In the project enunciated in the foregone Paras, we have executed a package involving detailed investigation, design and execution of:
  • S.P.B.V.R Left canal beyond Porumamilla tank including Gundamrajupally branch canal  and Obulam branch canal  along with CM & CD works on both main and branch canal together with distributary system into the blocks in into 23 blocks under them.
  • S.P.B.V.R. Right canal including CM & CD works together with distributing system under the Package to irrigate totally 96,300 Acres under both canals in this chronically drought prone area of Rayalaseema.
  • Excavation of  SPVB right canal to develop 64600 acres of ayacut including construction of CM and CD works enroute we have completed SPVBR right canal along with the distributory net work and
  • Designed and Executed Earth Bund with all protection works like Revetment, Rock Toe, Toe drain and cur-off trench to prevent scour the earth where water depth is about 5.75 M
  • Released water during Khariff season of 2006 for which Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh issued a “Commendation” on the occasion of letting out water into SPVBR right canal.

Major Quantities Executed:
  • Earthwork Excavation in all type of Soil: Embankment  
  • Cement Concrete Lining  
  • CM & CD Works in the main Canal  
  • CM & CD Works  - Distributaries  
  • Ayacut Developed  – 1,61,000 Acres

Project : Varangaon Talwel Gat Parisar Sinchan Yojana
Client :   Tapi Irrigation Development Corporation

  • The project is for irrigating 30000 Hectares of land.
  • Rising Main  
  • Pumps  
  • Intake Structure, Delivery Chamber
  • 33 KV Transmission Line, Substations