From CMD's Desk

E.Sudhir Reddy

Engi-visioning a new world

Way back in 1987 when we formed IVRCL, the infrastructure industry in India was in its infancy. We were clear in our minds then, that we did not intend to build just another infrastructure company. We wanted to be different. The ‘also ran’ tag was certainly not for us. Looking back, I can say, at the risk of sounding immodest, that we not only dreamed big, we dreamed to be different.

We soon built qualifications to bid for water related projects and established ourselves in the water segment. We did realize that transporting water either by canals or through underground pipelines was our calling ...

Current Projects

  • 6 Laning of Gundugolanu – Rajamundry NH Project in AP – 120 Kms.
  • 4 Laning of Patiala – Sangrur – Barnala – Bathinda NH Project in Punjab – 159 Kms.
  • 4/6 Laning of Raipur – Bilaspur NH Project in Chattisgarh – 127 Kms.
  • MCGM Bhandup Tunnel in Mumbai
  • Handri Neeva Sujala Sravanthi (HNSS) Irrigation Project in AP, phase I&II
  • Underground Mine at Malanjkhand for Hindustan Copper Limited
  • Tansa Transmission Main MS Pipeline Project for MCGM
  • Gandikota Tunnel and reservoir Projects in AP
  • Hogenekkal Water Supply Fluorosis Mitigation Projects, Package I & II for TWAD Board
  • Lower Goi Dam Project in Madhya Pradesh
  • Main Plant, Circulating Water, Offsite, AHP, Chimney, Civil works etc. for NTPC at various locations of Thermal Power Stations
  • Low Cost Housing for Urban Poor / Slum Rehabilitation at Bawana, Delhi for DSIIDC
  • Nuclear Plant Water System at Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant on EPC basis for Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
  • CIDCO Exhibition Centre including Civil, Interior & site Development works at Sector 30A at Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Our Milestones

  • IVRCL’s ‘can do’ spirit is a saga of remarkable achievement in a span of just 25 years.
  • We have built 25000 kilometers of pipelines across the country, 2300 kilometers of canals and built India’s largest desalination plant in Chennai, which supplies drinking water to the citizens of this parched city. To over 5 million people every day!
  • What’s more? We have undertaken 7400 lane Kms. Of roads (3400 Kms. laid and laying another 4000 Kms). Over 110 kilometers of tunnelling works have been completed as also 28 million sft of Building and Industrial Structures. Yet another 25 million is underway.
  • We have electrified 9947 villages with 5.61 lakh BPL connections and laid Power Transmission Line (132/220/400/765 KVA) of 1460 Kms.
  • That’s not all. We have executed 16 sub-station projects. Thus we added many feathers in this well-ornate cap.
  • We have left a long trail of satisfied customers as our track record says.
  • At IVRCL, we know much more needs to be done. Much more to be accomplished. That’s why we endeavour on. Confident of our abilities and our people to take on any challenge the future may throw.
  • Engineering is our forte and vision, our strength. We believe in engi-visioning a new world.
  • We have executed EHV Power Transmission Lines (132, 220, 400 and 765 KV) of 1460 Kms.
  • We have electrified 11000 villages with 7 lakh BPL connections.
  • We have executed 16 EHV substation projects.