Drinking Water Supply Schemes

Project : Chambal - Dholpur - Bharatpur Water Supply Project
Client :  Government of Rajasthan (Public Health Engineering Department)

For the town of Bharatpur in Rajasthan, there is no natural source of water. Drinking water to the town and its surroundings was being supplied through tube wells. However, the subsoil water in the area has very high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) (more than 4000 PPM) and very high Chloride content (more than 2000 PPM), which makes it non-potable and harmful to humans. Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), under Govt. of Rajasthan, needed to supply drinking water throughout the region by drawing water from Chambal River located at a distance of 85.25 Kms

Key Components:
  • The projects supplies water to 930 villages in Bharatpur District, 96 villages in Dholpur District, apart from urban towns of Bharatpur, Kumber, Deeg, Nagar & Kama.
  • Design, engineering, construction, procurement and commissioning at Intake structure with steel approach bridge. Along with this, piers were built and truss was launched, as pioneering innovative works in the history of PHED.
  • MS pipeline from Chambal river to Sagarpada head works. Earthen raw water reservoir at Sagarpada head works, Raw water pumping station and sub station
  • Raw water main from Sagarpada to  Mallah head works
  • Raw water reservoir at Mallah Head works, Raw water pumping station and sub- station.
  • Water Treatment Plant at Mallah head works including Operation and Maintenance.
  • Coffer Dam, Intake Structure, Pumping Stations, Retaining Wall, Switchyard, VT & HSC Pumps, Railway crossing with Jack Pushing

Project : Hogennakkal Water Supply and Flurosis Mitigation Project, Tamilnadu.
Client :  Tamilnadu Water Supply & Drainage Board

A drinking water supply project, conceived nearly 50 years ago for water-starved and fluoride-hit people of Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts in north-western belt in Tamilnadu, has become a reality on Wednesday 29th May when Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu formally commissioned through video-conferencing.

The project, now called Hogenakkal Water Supply and Fluorosis Mitigation Project, was originally mooted when Mr. K. Kamaraj was Chief Minister in the 1960s. Over the years, it witnessed various changes and eventually, when the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam was in power, the project took off.

But, the significance of the project is not just about the cost. It is going to serve people in a region, which is among less developed in many respects.

As per an estimate of the funding agency, the districts of Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri had, as of 2006, about 1.1 million people living below poverty line.

According to 12th Five Year Plan document of the State Planning Commission, human development indices of the Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts are 0.748 and 0.707 against the State’s overall figure of 0.765.

Known for chronic water shortage, the two districts receive less rainfall compared to many other parts of the State. Their average annual rainfall is 815 mm whereas the State’s annual rainfall is 977 mm. But, what affects them more is the presence of fluoride, harmful to the human body, in the groundwater. People suffer from dental and skeletal fluorosis, says a note prepared by the funding agency.

Taking into account all these aspects, the authorities have designed the project, which will benefit about 3.3 million spread over three municipalities, 17 town panchayats and 6,755 rural habitations in the two districts.

Using Cauvery as the source, the project can take care of the requirements of four million. On completion of the project, all rural habitations will have the prescribed norm of 40 litres per capita per day (LPCD) and the urban local bodies, 135 LPCD, adds the official.

Govt. of India together with TWAD Board mooted this major project to overcome water scarcity and presence of Flurosis in groundwater faced by two adjacent districts – Dharmapuri & Krishnagiri.

Water from Cauvery River is pumped 45 km to the 127.6 MLD Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and distributed to 3 municipalities, 17 town panchayats and 6755 villages in 18 panchayat unions. Subsequently, the WTP capacity would be raised to 155.82 MLD.

This EPC project, funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), ensures safe drinking water to thousands of rural households in the region. It also provides water to 5 Unions by branch pipelines and Distribution lines of 130 Panchayats benefitting 1650 Habitations.

Key Components:
Package 1:
Intake Works, Raw Water Pumping Station, Water Treatment Plant, Treated Water Pumping Station, Booster Pumping Station, Pumping Mains, MADAM Master Balancing Reservoir and Allied Works

  • Water Treatment Plant  
  • Raw Water Pump well, Booster Pumping Station
  • Total Water retaining structures  
  • Master Balancing Reservoir  
  • Chlorine Contact Tank  
  • Clarifier  
  • Sand Filters
  • MS Pipeline
Package 2 :
Treated Water Trunk Mains from Master Balancing Reservoir at Madam to Uthangarai, Branch Pipelines, Union Reservoirs, Panchayat Reservoirs, Sumps, Overhead tanks, Chlorination Stations, Booster Pumping Stations, Instrumentation, Electrical and Mechanical works.

1. Pipelines total length = 1750 Kms.
  • MS Pipeline
  • DI Pipeline
  • HDPE

2. Details of Structures
  • Master Balancing Reservoirs
  • Sumps
  • Over Head Master Balancing Reservoirs
  • Over Head Tanks
  • Pumps
  • River Crossing, Rail Crossing, Road Crossing, Nallah Crossings

Project : Rural piped water supply scheme for 39 Arsenic affected villages / Tolas  of Bhojpur district on Turnkey basis
Client : Public Health Engineering Department (PHED)  , Bihar.

This project is planned to supply water to 39 arsenic affected villages of Bhojpur District at Mouzampur, Barhara Block. The project is planned to Tap water from the southern bank of river GANGA. Water demand per capita is 40 Litre.

 This project includes Designing and Construction of water treatment plant, RCC ESRs of various capacities and heights and RCC Sumps of various capacities, surge control devises for Rising main, Pump Houses & Pumping Machineries, Staff Quarters, Providing, Supplying, lowering, laying and jointing of various Dia. Pipeline of DI / MS, supplying and fixing of various Valves, water meter, etc. Operation and maintenance of this entire project including pumping machineries and maintenance of this entire project including pumping machineries and Filter plant for 6 months after completion of Construction phase, supplying Employers representative requirements like Survey Instruments, Vehicles during the construction phase as per the detailed specifications

Key Quantities :
  • Supply, delivery, laying, jointing, testing and commissioning of DI/MS/GI Pipelines  
  • Designing & Construction of  WTP  
  •  Construction of Jetty Structures with pilling  
  • Construction of PS/RWS / GSR    
  • Elevated Service Reservoir’s of  capacity  
  • Pump House  
  •  Centrifugal/vertical Pumping Machinery
  • Providing & Fixing Valves (Sluice, Air, Gun Metal )

Project : Kerala Water Supply Project & Treated Water Transmission main forCherathala & Adjoining Villages (Package - II, Package-III)
Client : Kerala Water Authority

This EPC project, funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Pkg.: II – Construction and completion works incorporation Treated Water transmission mains & Associated Works for Cherthala Pkg : III laying of Distribution Pipes of various Diameters ranging from 315mm to 75mm UPVC and 800mm to 355mm HDPE pipe under Cherthala scheme with a radius of 662 KM and Operation & Maintenance for a period of 2 years

Key Components :

  • Supply, lowering , laying & jointing , testing & Commissioning of Commissioning
    • GRP pipeline  
    • HDPE pipeline
    • PVC pipeline  
    • GI pipeline  
    • MS pipeline
  • Earthwork Excavation  
  • Construction of Chambers (Sluice, Valve)  
  • House Service Connections  
  • Pipe Carrying Bridges
  • Buildings (Chlorination, Telemetry)
  • Culvert Crossings,  Railway Crossing, National Highway Crossing  
  • Under Water Crossings  
  • CI Dismantling Joints  
  • Electrical Instrumentation and Automation Works, Fire Hydrants  

Project  :  Construction of 140 ML Master Balancing Reservoir at Bhandup, Mumbai
Client : Municipal Corporation of Brihan Mumbai (MCBM) .

The project included construction of 140 ML Master Balancing Reservoir & Associated Works at Bhandup Complex, Mumbai.

The main works include construction, testing and commissioning of reservoir with a revised capacity of 1.31 Lac Cu.m. and shape changes from rectangular to L-shaped with control room and accessories.; inlet pipeline from end of pump delivery main laid up to existing; MBR and outlet pipelines from proposed MBR with valves and other appurtenances

Key Quantities:
  • Earthwork Excavation (Soft Soil, Hard Rock, Backfilling)  
  • Concrete  
  • Design, manufacture, supply, transport and delivery of site including insurance
    • Butterfly Valves (Electrically Operated) (Manually Operated)  
    • sluice Valves , Kinetic Valves  
    • Submersible Pumpsets  
  • Supply Installation, testing and commissioning of SWL crane

Project : Veeranam Water Supply Scheme
Client : Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board.

Chennai Water Supply Augmentation Project I – Veeranam Package – IV, Supply and Laying of Clear Water Supply Transmission Main from Ongur River to Vandalur and Vandalur to Porur for Supplying Drinking water to Chennai City.

Key Components:
  • MS Pipeline  
  • Cement Mortar Lining  
  • External Coal Tar coating  
  • Cathodic protection for entire pipe line, Cathodic Protection stations  
  • Pipe carrying Bridges  
  • Rehabilitation of existing bridge & culverts, Palar Bridge  
  • Removing and stacking of existing PSC Pipes
  • Service Roads (Repair & New Road)
  • Operation & Maintenance

Project : Vedaranyam Clear Water Supply Scheme
Client : Tamilnadu Water Supply & Drainage Board.

Clear Water Supply Scheme to 222 habitations in Vedaranyam Union; 114 habitations in Muthupethai Union; Thiruvarur Municipality; Thiruthuraipoondi Municipality; Muthupet UTP; Thalainayar RTP; Vedaranyam UTP and bulk provision to 306 wayside habitations to supply 43.5 MLD drinking water on Turnkey basis for Tamilnadu Water Supply & Drainage Board

Key Components:
  • Manufacture, Supply, delivery, laying, jointing, testing and commissioning of PSC/AC/PVC Pumping /Gravity /Branch Pumping mains  
  • Supply, delivery, erection & commissioning of Clear water Turbine Pumpsets
  • Collector wells, Sub-stations at Head works
  • Horizontal Split Casing Centrifugal Pumpsets
  • Monobloc Centrifugal pumps, Submersible Pumps,
  • Construction of Break Pressure tanks, Sumps  
  • Overhead Tanks capacity

Project : SCADA for Entire System for HMWSSB
Client : Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board

Brief Scope of Work - Providing Flow, Level and Chlorine measurements and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for All Reservoirs and bulk supply pipelines in the entire system of HMWSSB on EPC System spread over the radius of 45 Kms.

The project utilizes the latest Micro Technologies in PLC and SCADA. The System used Ultrasonic multi-part method for low measurement to ensure greater accuracy and minimize water loss in the transmission lines .  The dosing system is controlled by employing the latest microprocessor based analyzers and the data is transmitted to a centralized server from different RTU Stations.

Key Components:
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters for clear water pipelines  
  • Ultrasonic Level measurement , non contract type with digital echo processing for Reservoirs  
  • Online Free Chlorine Analyzer with continuous display of process value, alarm status etc
  • Remote Terminal Unit with 12 V Battery Operation  
  • Laying, Testing & Commissioning of Signal Cable, Power Cable   
  • Software with SCADA and Date Merging facilities for Remote Stations and Software for configuring the Remote Terminal Unit ( RTU)  
  • LCD Projector based Large Video Display with necessary software and Hardware to provide man machine interface  
  • Web Client Licenses with necessary software and hardware to provide man machine interface
  • Control System using Flow Switches and Level Switches at various locations of HMWSSB  
  • Testing & Commissioning of stabilizers

Project : Water Supply Schemes in Gujarat
Client : Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board

Under GWSSB in Gujarat State we have laid pipeline of various types and dia for Distribution Network of more than 7000 Kms. and successfully commissioned more than 500 MLD of Water Treatment Plants of various Capacities, including Rapid Sand Filtration, Chemical House, Re-circulation Sump etc. and executed Underground Sumps, Elevated Service Reservoirs; Intake well with approach bridge,Road/ Railway / Canal Pushing,Electro-mechanical equipments,Pump house, Transformers etc

  • Distribution Network for Sabarkantha District Water Supply Scheme - Package SSW- SK-1
  • Distribution Net Work for Package SSW A1 (DhabhsarGroup)
  • Distribution Net Work for Package SSW A3 (Hansalpur Group)
  • Distribution Net Work for Package SSW A-4 (Dascroi Group)
  • Distribution Network for Rajkot District Water Supply Scheme - Package NCD - 1
  • Distribution Network for Mehsana District Water Supply Scheme - Package IWSS- M1
  • Distribution Network for Patan & Harij District Water Supply Scheme - Package SSW - P 1
  • Distribution Net Work for Jamnagar District Package (Kalawad – Lalpur Group)
  • Bhuj Rural Regional Water Supply Scheme (Bhuj – Nakthrana – 5-2/1) 


Project : Narmada Canal Water Supply Scheme in Gujarat, Packages (NC-4 , NC-5, KNC-11, NC- 20, NC-21, NC-22, NC-23, NC-28, NC-33)
Client : Gujarat Water Infrastructure Limited.

Under GWIL in Gujarat State we have laid pipeline of Transmission Mains of more than 1000 Kms. and successfully commissioned Pumping Machinery of more than 70 Nos. with a cumulative discharge of 1.77 Lac Cum./Hr. and with 57000 HP Motors, Transformers = 75430 KVA (41 Nos.), Transmission Line = 70 Kms. and executed Underground Sumps with a cumulative Capacity of 80 Million  Litres etc.

  • Water Transmission main from Budhel to Baroda in Bhavnagar District (Package NC–4).
  • Water Transmission main Baroda in Bhavnagar District to Rajula bypass in Amreli District (NC–5).
  • Bulk Water Transmission Main from Anjar - Kukma - Anjar - Mundra - Mandvi (Package KNC–11).
  • Bulk Water Transmission Main from Jamnagar to Moti Khaavadi (package CNC–18).
  • Water Supply Scheme Ratanpur to Panchadevda (Package ANC–20).
  • Water Supply Scheme Panchadevda to Kalyanpur and Samana to Khambhallla (Package ANC– 21).
  • Pumped Water Scheme from Kukma to Nakhatrana - Netra and Kakdapita to Mandvi (Package KNC–22)
  • Bulk water transmission main line from Navda to Budhel (Package NC–28).

Project : BWSSB Project II - Contract W1 Raw Water Transmission System under JICA
Client : Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board

BWSSB Project II - Contract W1 Raw Water Transmission System under JICA

Brief Scope of Work :
  • Construction of new canal intake at Forbes Sagar and construction of open channel. Construction of pipe intake at the end canal from Forbes Sagar. Procurement of material, Fabrication of pipes and specials and laying, jointing and testing of the pipeline from pipe Intake from Forbes Sagar to Netkal Balancing Reservoir and from Netkal Balancing Reservoir to T.K. HalIi
  • Supplying of Mild Steel Plates/ HR Coils and Fabrication of 3000 mm and 2600 mm dia pipes & Laying, jointing and testing of the above fabricated 3000 mm.  External coating (guniting / epoxy painting) and in-situ internal cement mortar lining. Fabrication, laying and jointing of pipe specials Procurement and erection of valves. Testing and commissioning of the entire raw water transmission system.
  • The existing bridges across Hulilihalla and Shirnsha rivers have a provision to lay the proposed pipeline. Laying of the pipeline of suitable pipe supports on these bridges is part of this work. Construction of Box culvert where canal crosses road near Forbes Sagar. Construction of pipe saddle supports, thrust blocks, and anchor blocks. Construction of valve chambers.
  • Construction of service road along the pipeline, Construction of pipe culverts across streams along service road, Construction of new Box culvert across Shimsha River and Dismantling of existing pipe culvert.

Project : Tansa Main, Mumbai
Client : Municipal Corporation of Brihan Mumbai (MCBM)

Key Components:

  • The project offered by the Municipal Corporation of Brihan Mumbai (MCBM) aimed to replace the 125-year old water supply line to Mumbai, which was damaged at various places. It entailed the laying of a 2750mm dia MS all-welded pipeline, parallel to the existing two lines of 1800mm dia riveted mains from Tansa to Tarali.
  • This is a part of the massive programme for replacement and improvement of Tansa Water mains due to ageing and frequent leaking of the old pipelines. The Tansa pipelines would continue to bring 455 MLD of water to the western suburbs and parts of the island city.
  • Work also involves supply and erection of large dia Butterfly valves, Air Valves, Sluice Valves
  • Guniting of entire length of Pipeline from Inside and Painting of entire length of pipeline from outside.

Project : Construction of Tunnel from Gundovali to Bhandup Complex – Section, B Kapurbavdi to Bhandup Complex.
Client : Municipal Corporation of Brihan Mumbai (MCBM)

Scope of work: Construction of Inlet Shaft of 13.5 m dia 115m deep at Kapurbawadi and outlet Shaft of 13.5m dia & 115m dia deep to be constructed by open excavation till 8m and by balance by sinking method

Key Components :

  • Construction of Rock Tunnel using Modern Full- Face Rock Tunnel Boring Machine (TMB)
  • Construction of Inlet Shaft and Outlet Shaft by drilling and controlled blasting of following details:
  • Excavation for tail tunnel and TBM assembly area, at Kapurbawdi (K2) and at tail and TBM removal area at Bhandup by drilling and controlled blasting method and disposal of muck
  • Boring of Tunnel from Kapurbawdi (K2) to Bhandup by TBM
  • Providing Steel Lining to Tunnel at Specified stretches of Tunnel.
  • Providing manifolds and Inlet and outlet Steel Pipe line connections including Butterfly Valves and Air Valves at Shaft Locations.
  • All Related Civil works mainly PCC and RCC for Thrust Blocks, Anchor Blocks, and encasing of pipelines, Interconnection of Existing pipelines Steel Bridge for Pipeline, Testing and Commissioning of Tunnel

Project : Indore Clear Water Supply & Pumping Station
Client : Indore Muncipal Corporporation

This EPC contract for Indore Municipal Corporation included design, construction, operation & maintenance of clear water sump and pumping stations. This project was done under the banner of ‘Project Uday’ to supply drinking water to Indore city from River Narmada – approx. distance of 64 Km.

Key Components:
  • Vertical turbine Pumps
  • Switchboards for sub-stations & MCC, C & R Panels, Battery chargers including transformers were part of the project specifications.  
  • Transformer and Auxiliary Transformers
  • 33/11KV substations
  • Construction of pump houses & sumps  
  • Operation & Maintenance